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Our Cannabis is hand watered, harvested, and trimmed

The Weed Plus Tacoma Experience

Customers can see and taste the difference between Cannabis grown in factory farming conditions, and something that resembles a garden more than an industrial space. This is the experience we seek to impart to every strain of flower we grow. 

From in house propagation, to hand watering and training of plants through their vegetative and flowering phases, finally to a careful, again fully manual harvesting, and a long, slow, cold curing process. These steps and more are what we mean when we say "Weed Plus". 

What's in a Strain?

Here in the Pacific Northwest we benefit from more variety in the realm of premium, exclusive, and signature strains than just about anywhere in the world. At Weed Plus Tacoma, we only grow a handful of strains at a time, based on our own personal preferences and favorites. There will always be a new flavor of the week, month, or year. We don't always chase that trend, and that's ok.  Sometimes it will be the case that we happen to resonate with one of these "Blue Chip" varietals- let's list off just a few of these Blue Chips for fun shall we?  How about the erstwhile Girl Scout Cookies or Gorilla Glue strains? (Can we even call them that in passing now?).  What about Blue Dream, Snoops' or otherwise.. Blueberry Yum Yum, perhaps more accurately referred to 'round these parts as DJ Short's Blueberry.  Take it back a little further, and you may recall a time when names like Jack Herer or perhaps Dutch Treat were literally everywhere.   

We happen to grow a mean Dutch Treat here at Weed Plus, along with a select handful of other high performing hybrid and even one or two landrace strains. Talk to your Sales Rep today to get the full menu, which does change from time to time. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We only produce products we can stand behind, and we promise to support and resolve all reported issues to our Client's satisfaction.  Report issues directly to info@weedplustacoma.com, or call Steve directly at 206.484.0118 for matters requiring urgent attention. 


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